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SSL Enforcer - Force SSL/TLS encryption for any browser or app. Block all unsecure connections.



Click on image to enlarge. Screenshots are taken on Windows 8. User interface of Mac OS X version is identical but has the Mac flavor.

SSL Enforcer Settings

SSL Enforcer main settings are located here along with the on/off toggle.

Log Window

Log window provides a detailed information about the network events and errors. Click on the highlighted items to manage exclusions.

Advanced Options

Options allow to set the ports where to monitor for HTTP connections, configure exclusions and SSL/TLS options.

TLS Cipher Suites

You can enable and disable arbitrary TLS Cipher Suites to configure required level of security.

SSL connection available in browser

SSL Enforcer has blocked non-secure connection and offers to proceed with a secure alternative in manual mode (as seen in browser).

SSL connection not available in browser

SSL Enforcer was not able to redirect non-secure connection because SSL is not available for the target site (as seen in browser).

System Tray

When minimized SSL Enforcer runs in Windows system tray. Main settings are available through pop-up menu.

Statistics on secured connections

Statistics on secured connections.

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